Steven J Koskie CPA LLC

Oil & Gas Mineral Lease Negotiations & Accounting

Unlike most parts of the United States, our region of the country is blessed with oil & gas production. We understand the tax laws that are involved with royalty income and regularly work with clients who have production from around the country.

In recent years, oil & gas has been discovered in previously unproductive areas of our region. Very often the residents are unfamiliar with the complicated process of developing these minerals. There are seismic access leases, mineral rights leases and pipeline right-of-ways to negotiate. And if oil & gas is discovered, there is the matter of dealing with royalty payments and income tax estimates.

We have years of experience working with negotiating mineral leases. We know a variety of terms and conditions that standard leases either don't address or that are more favorable to the leasing company. We can help you get royalty rates, lease bonuses and supplemental terms & conditions that can greatly improve your situation.

Having managed the oil & gas accounting department for an independent producer Mr. Koskie has a knowledge base unique to most accountants. He can assist with the negotiation of access leases, mineral leases and pipeline right-of-way contracts/leases.