Steven J Koskie CPA LLC Early Filer Discounted Services Terms

Terms & Conditions

Steven J. Koskie CPA LLC’s "Early Filer Discounted Services Offer"

  1. Services provided by Steven J. Koskie CPA LLC (SJK CPA) related to the Portal Service are on an “After Completed Filing” basis. That is, you must have filed your return and received an acceptance acknowledgement from the government.
  2. All technical support for preparing a return online and any issues arising from using are the responsibility of
  3. SJK CPA will provide 1 hour of consultation time for 12 months from the date of filing at no charge.  If additional time is needed, SJK CPA will also provide up to 3 hours consultation time at 30% off our standard billing rate ($100 per hour).  After 3 hours all time will be billed at $100 per hour or at appropriate “per service rendered” rates as determined by the firm.
  4. This offer is limited to residents of Claiborne, Lincoln, Webster and Bienville Parishes.  Anyone from anywhere is welcome to use our portal.  But our offer is only extended to those four parishes.
  5. To be eligible for this offer you must file and have your return accepted by midnight February 5, 2017.
  6. Time used will be determined in 30 minute increments.
  7. To receive services you must provide the following so we can (A) confirm your usage of our portal and protect your privacy, (B) meet regulations that govern our profession and (C) understand your circumstances in order to provide the appropriate services:
    1. Proof of identity such as driver’s license or birth certificate.
    2. The code provided by when you completed and filed your return.
    3. Documentation relevant to understanding and addressing your needs.
    4. If we are to provide a service that will take multiple hours, you will need to sign an engagement letter which we are required to use by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).
  8. Examples of services available to our users include: assistance with IRS or State tax notices, tax planning for future tax returns, personal financial planning, and assistance with starting a business.  See our "Services" page for other accounting, planning and tax services that are available.
  9. Contact our firm during regular business hours. 318-927-6456.
  10. After February 5, 2017 our "Early Filer Discounted Services Offer" is terminated.
  11. Terms and conditions are subject to change.

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