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Tax Organizer for 2014 Personal Income Tax Returns

Click on the underlined link below to open our general purpose Tax Organizer for 2014 Tax Returns.  This organizer covers most of the income and deductions many taxpayers have on their tax returns. 

A note about using Tax Organizers.  The best way to have a problem-free tax return is to prepare it with the most accurate and complete information.  A year is a long time from January to December and a lot can happen that can impact a person's tax return.  But as days pass, memories can fade and deductions (or even income) can be forgotten.

That's where a Tax Organizer can be a great aid in helping taxpayer's get their information together.  A few of our clients fill out their Tax Organizer in great detail.  Others pick and choose what they complete.  And still others just use it as a kind of check list to help jog their memories.  Over the years one thing has become clear:  Clients that use Tax Organizers get fewer inquiries from the IRS about information not being on their tax returns.  And we have fewer situations come up where tax returns need to be amended with clients that use Tax Organizers.  

So we strongly encourage our clients to use a good Tax Organizer. 

If you are an existing client and would like your own personalized Tax Organizer that is based on your specific 2013 income tax information, we will be glad to provide that at no charge.  Many of our clients have standing orders for us to send them there personalized Tax Organizer each year.  We would be happy to extend that service to you, too.

As always, if you have a question or concern, pick up the phone and call us.  We'll be glad to help you.

Federal Tax Organizer for 2014 Tax Returns

For Louisiana Taxpayers this additional oganizer will be helpful, too:

Louisiana Tax Organizer for 2014 Tax Returns


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